Voluntary Organizations in Delaware, Ohio: Services and Events

Voluntary organizations in Delaware, Ohio provide a variety of services and events to the local community. From animal shelters to educational institutions, there is something for everyone.

Delaware and Union County CASA Program

is a non-profit organization that offers court-appointed special advocates for abused and neglected children. Their mission is to ensure that these children have a safe and permanent home.

The program also provides training and support for volunteers who are interested in becoming advocates.

Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center

is a no-kill animal shelter that provides adoption services for cats and kittens. They also offer spay/neuter services, vaccinations, and microchipping. The shelter also provides educational programs to help people learn more about responsible pet ownership.

All Horse Parade (September) Event Schedule

is an annual event held in Delaware County, Ohio. The event features a parade of horses, as well as other activities such as live music, food vendors, and more.

It is a great way to celebrate the equestrian culture of the area.

Ohio Wesleyan University

is a private liberal arts college located in Delaware County, Ohio. The university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as student activities and clubs. It also hosts the Delaware County Art Festival (May), the Delaware County Fair (September), the Little Brown Jug Harness Horse Race (September), and the Powell Festival (June).

Big Walnut Local Schools

, Buckeye Valley Local Schools, Columbus State Community College - Delaware Campus, Delaware Area Career Center, Delaware Christian School, Genoa Methodist Theological School in Ohio Wesleyana University, Olentangy Local Schools, and Delaware County Dog Shelter, Delaware County Animal Shelter, and Delaware County Department of Natural Resources are all educational institutions located in Delaware County, Ohio. These schools provide educational opportunities for students of all ages.

Ohio Wildlife Center

is a wildlife rehabilitation center located in Delaware County, Ohio.

The center provides medical care for injured or orphaned wildlife, as well as educational programs about wildlife conservation. They also offer volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping out.

Dog Licensing

is available through the Delaware County Department of Natural Resources. Residents can print an application online or buy a license at their local animal shelter or pet store. Voluntary organizations in Delaware, Ohio offer many services and events to the local community. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer or just want to learn more about the area, these organizations have something to offer everyone.

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