Scholarships for Delaware County, Ohio Students

Are you a student from Delaware County, Ohio looking for scholarships? The Delaware County Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for high school and college seniors from all over the county. FAO is proud to support more than 230 scholarship funds established by generous donors to maintain continuing education for students in the region. Guernsey County students attending or planning to attend an accredited post-secondary institution in Ohio are invited to apply for the Myron Fishel Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to international students or those who want to obtain a degree in international studies.

The Weiler Family NorthStar Scholarship is available to those in need of financial assistance for NorthStar development. Catholic Church of Mary Parish in Delaware, Ohio offers scholarships to those attending a Catholic high school in the diocese. The Rose Elizabeth Bell MacConkey Scholarship Fund was created in honor and memory of Rose Elizabeth Bell MacConkey. This scholarship is designed to help women starting a career in the business world by investing in talented individuals and creating a more inclusive leadership landscape that benefits from the perspectives and contributions of women in leadership positions.

The Bellisio Foods Scholarship, funded by the Bellisio Foods Fund of the Ohio Appalachian Foundation (FAO), supports post-secondary scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Bellisio Foods employees. If you are a student from Delaware County, Ohio, there are many scholarship opportunities available through voluntary organizations that can help you achieve your educational goals. These organizations provide financial aid to students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, and community involvement. With these scholarships, you can pursue your dreams without worrying about tuition costs.

Take advantage of these opportunities and apply today!.

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