Voluntary Programs for Domestic Violence Victims in Delaware, Ohio

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DCADV) is a non-profit organization that is devoted to ending domestic violence in Delaware. It offers a variety of voluntary programs to assist victims of abuse and domestic violence. The DCADV provides a 24-hour hotline for those in Delaware who need help or advice. Additionally, they offer counseling services, legal aid, and support groups for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

The DCADV also provides educational and outreach programs to raise awareness about domestic violence and abuse. These programs are designed to help people recognize the signs of abuse and how to get help. The DCADV works with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that victims of domestic violence and abuse are protected. Moreover, the DCADV collaborates with local schools, churches, and other organizations to provide resources and support for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

They also provide training for professionals who work with victims of domestic violence and abuse. The Delaware County prosecutor represents the state of Ohio in criminal matters and is the legal counsel for certain boards and local public officials. However, this website and the use of this website do not create or constitute an attorney-client relationship, and any communication sent to the Delaware County prosecutor by a person or entity that the Delaware County prosecutor does not represent has no right to confidentiality and may constitute a public record under applicable Ohio law.

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