Grants for Nonprofit Organizations in Delaware County, Ohio: A Comprehensive Guide

The Delaware County Foundation is devoted to improving the community by providing grants to nonprofit organizations. Depending on the donor's intent and the guidance of the committee, funds are available in a variety of categories. The Department of Community Planning and Development administers several community development programs that are made possible by federal grants. The amount of funding and types of programs may vary from year to year. The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers in-kind grants for goods and services donated to US organizations for distribution programs that support homeless, low-income, and disabled veterans.

The types of goods donated vary, but will include basic items such as water, health and hygiene, and clothing. Delaware County, Ohio (PIN) provides a variety of services to its residents. The Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers strive to provide the highest quality services and products to those in need. We continue to provide goods and services to all Delaware County residents in need. Our emergency services are funded in part through SourcePoint.

This fund is available to all 501(c)(3) organizations in Kent County or organizations that run programs that directly benefit the county. The CenDel Foundation, which brings its expertise to the needs of Kent County, acts as a grant recommendation committee. The Delaware County Foundation has a program that focuses on improving the quality of life in Delaware County by providing limited monetary grants to county nonprofit organizations so they can implement specific projects that will improve the delivery, quality, and efficiency of programs and services to Delaware County residents. The Roy Klein Education Fund supports projects or programs of non-profit organizations that support the improvement of life in central Delaware through economic development initiatives and related professional education in Kent County, including all of Smyrna and Milford. The VA also provides grants and in-kind assistance to US and international grassroots nonprofit organizations to advocate for disadvantaged children and youth in eligible regions. The First State Food System Program, administered by the Delaware Agricultural Food Policy Council (a subset of the Delaware Department of Agriculture), provides grants to entities that grow, process, store, transport, distribute, or sell food in the state of Delaware. The FFW accepts applications from non-profit and tax-exempt organizations (501(c)(3)) for programs that address the needs and improve the value and potential of women and girls in Delaware, helping them to lead productive and self-sufficient lives. The City of Delaware has received approval from the State of Ohio to grant grants to the city center for the 51 North Sandusky Street roof replacement project.

The goal of this grant program is to increase investment in non-profit organizations led by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and in communities of color in Delaware. Priority will be given to nonprofit organizations located in Georgetown or Millsboro, but other Wilmington-based organizations can apply if they are a state agency. Non-profit organizations that support those in need in Kent County are invited to apply for grants from the Benjamin F. Potter Trust. Created in 1843, this trust is one of the oldest continuing trusts of its kind in the country and aims to help economically disadvantaged people in Kent County by supporting charitable organizations that provide services to these individuals. The VA also offers in-kind donations of transportation and transportation equipment and services to US nonprofit organizations, US states and local governments, schools, IHEs (Institutions of Higher Education) in several states where the funding source has a commercial presence. As part of its commitment to creating opportunities so that all Delaware residents can overcome barriers to success, benefit fairly, and thrive, the Delaware Community Foundation's BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Leaders & Communities Grant Program supports organizations that are led by people of color and provide services to people of color.

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